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NUI Group Community Wiki

Natural User Interface Group or ~ NUI Group is an interactive media group researching and creating open source machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic and educational applications. Read more...

This wiki contains information about the software & hardware related to multitouch and multi-model input systems. Also you will be able to find out general information about our community here.

If you would like to contribute to this wiki you must create an account here. Or if you are not a spambot you can login the guest account: Username "guest" with the password "nuigroup".

Help the community define NUI here: Natural User Interface

News snippets:

Image:nuilogo.png About us
What NUI Group is all about
64 px Frequently asked questions
Common questions and answers
Image:applications.png Applications and libraries
Applications, SDKs, APIs and libraries
Image:Package_games.png Applications
Ready-to-go MT applications
Image:hardware.png Hardware
Various hardware and setup information
Image:installation.png Contribution
Read before editing this wiki
Image:Globe-europe.jpg‎ Links and resources
Pages, articles, links related to MT
Image:users.png Community Showcase Directory
A list of community projects
Image:howto.png Documents and tutorials
Documents and articles related to MT

Statistics: Number of pages: 613, number of edits: 4,776, number of users: 1,478