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NUI Group Community Wiki

Natural User Interface Group or ~ NUI Group is an interactive media group researching and creating open source machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic and educational applications. Read more...

This wiki contains information about the software & hardware related to multitouch and multi-model input systems. Also you will be able to find out general information about our community here.

Help us define NUI here: Natural User Interface

Read NUI Group page in French

News snippets:

Image:nuilogo.png About us
What NUI Group is all about
64 px Frequently asked questions
Name says it all...
Image:applications.png Applications and libraries
Applications, SDKs, APIs and libraries
Image:Package_games.png Applications
Ready-to-go MT applications
Image:hardware.png Hardware
Various hardware and setup information
Image:installation.png Contribution
Read before editing this wiki
Image:users-groups.png Links and resources
Pages, articles, links related to MT
Image:users.png Community Showcase Directory
A list of community projects
Image:howto.png Documents and tutorials
Documents and articles related to MT

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