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       This wiki page includes a list of multitouch resources. 



In no particular order. Also check Who's who in NUI Group page for detailed information about NUI Group members.

SDKs, libraries and drivers



  • Irtaktiks: The IRTaktiks is a tactical RPG game for multitouch screens developed using Microsoft XNA 2.0 and the touch recognition library Touchlib 2.0. (Web page & download:
  • 22Miles: 22MILES provides business with multi-touch solutions (AS3/C++) in the fileds of shopping mall, concierge services, and medical care. Its green smoke coupon current major products are Interactive Directory/maps, Touch Menu, Interactive 3D modeling, and peripheral equipment integration with major multi-touch screens, like crecit card reader, thermal printer, Kiosk enclosure,monitore lift mechanism, etc.(
  • ChalkMT: CHALKmt is a multi-touch chalk board application made using AS3. It allows multi-user/multi-touch interaction of chalk boards that can be scaled/rotated/moved and wiped clean (
  • reacTable: A collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface (
  • xTUIO: a suite of TUIO based native OSX applications (
  • Oscar: an OSC/TUIO-to-Flash gateway written in Cocoa/Python. It provides a handy and simple user interface, tag filtering, activity monitor, configurable options and a nice design ;). Currently available for Mac Os X 10.5 only (Universal Binary). (
  • TUIO Smoke: a TUIO/OSC enabled version of touchlib's smoke demo, now with multithreading and other new features ( )


  • Multitouch South Africa
  • Multitouch Console: The c-base MultiTouchConsole mtc is a completely self-contained, touch-sensitive table built in spare time by a group of c-base members.
  • Team Sparsh: UG students from India passionate about Multitouch and NUI
  • Team Zugard: UG students from India, Developed India's First LLP Setup, passionate about NUI!

Hardware manufacturers

  • HCI - Multi-touch screen, multi-touch frame, multi-touch tables and manufacturer of multi-touch wall ( )
  • PQLabs Multi-touch G3: manufacturer of 12 - 200" (6 meters wide) multitouch LCD screens, iTables and Walls (
  • Citron GmbH : manufacturer of IR based touch and multitouch (dreaMTouch(tm)) screens (
  • Cubit: Cubit is an open-source, multitouch, tabletop display (
  • TouchKit is a modular multitouch development kit with the aim to make multitouch readily available in an open source fashion. It is a sister project of the CUBIT multitouch system and aimed at rapid implementation of multitouch projects (

Research institutes and universities

Books, articles and papers

Even more papers in this link.



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