Diffused Surface Illumination

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Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI):

DSI uses a special acrylic to distribute the IR evenly across the surface. Basically use your standard FTIR setup with an LED Frame (no compliant silicone surface needed), and just switch to a special acrylic. This acrylic uses small particles that are inside the material, acting like thousands of small mirrors. When you shine IR light into the edges of this material, the light gets redirected and spread to the surface of the acrylic. The effect is similar to DI, but with even illumination, no hotspots, and same setup process as FTIR.



DSI Parts List:

  • EndLighten Acrylic
  • LEDs
  • Projection Surface (tracing paper, lee filter, geriets optitrans , etc);
  • Infrared Camera/Modified Webcam

source: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/1982/