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Nuigroup wiki provides documentation, tutorials, howtos, companies, groups and more related to natural user interfaces, multitouch (MT) and immersive technologies. All visitors are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to contribute.


How can you help?

We always look for more contribution and involvement from community. Please bear in mind that all software you download is free of charge, and all of them can be downloaded with full source code for easy modification and redistribution.

If you would like to help NUI Group and be part of this wonderful community, here are some starting points:

Coding and patching

NUI Group is working on a set of applications and libraries. Most of them has their open source, or will be opening in a short amount of time. Since you are contributing to an open source project, your patches will be included in the next release. Thus, please respect the copyright of others and make sure that you are giving away your own work.


NUI Group always welcomes documentation writers. This does not mean writing a book or a big administrators guide - even small contributions will make NUI Group more visible for end users. Here's a small list of what you can do:

  • Help create a documentation standard for NUI Group wiki
  • Translate documentation in your own language. Please ask for assistance if you need a seperate web page for this.
  • Read existing documentation and suggest modifications and corrections.
  • Provide screenshots for different applications NUI Group provides.
  • Prepare NUI Group videos on Youtube.


If you'd like to get more information about natural user interfaces and multitouch in general, the best place to start interacting with users and developers is forums. Please click here to see a current list of forum topics and information on how to subscribe.

In forums, you can:

  • Answer questions
  • Help other people learn how to build a multitouch screen
  • Write small tutorials, HOWTOs and regularly post them
  • Suggest different hardware and software for DIY'ers


Please feel free to modify wiki content. However, you are encouraged to send a post to the forum before doing so. Following items can be considered as starting points.


If you have a blog or a website related to this project, or even if you don’t have one that is specifically related to this project and you still want to help us out with promoting, please put our logo and a link to us, on your website.

There's a small code snippet that helps you easily put the logo on your web page here.

Show up

Add your name to our Who's who in NUI Group page. Post your profile. Be seen. State your expertise and abilities.