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List of ready-to-go applications

Other categories - games, drawing, etc.?



App Version Author Notes Link(s)
tPhysics 0.1 xelapond A Multi-Touch Physical Simulator based on Box2D, written in Pure Python Forum, Direct download
CHALKmt 1.0 Fairlane Allows multi-user/multi-touch interaction of Chalk Boards that can be scaled/rotated/moved and even wiped clean! Forum, Direct download
POP!mt 3.1 Fairlane Multi-player Bubble wrap game for 1-4 Players. Forum, direct download
MATCHmt 1.0 Fairlane multi-touch Memory game Blog
FlickOS 1.0 - Multitouch OS shell web page


App Version Author Notes Link(s)
TUIOmouse 0.1 Progen TUIO-based mousedriver Forum, Direct download
touchWorldWind beta Fairlane, Taha Multitouch .net plugin for NASA WorldWind Forum, Direct Download


App Version Author Notes Link(s)
xTUIO 0.1 Ben Britten and Sandor Rozsa Suite of TUIO based native OSX applications


As of January 2009 most Linux Multi-Touch Programs are written in either C++ or Python, both being cross platform. For this reason, if you are looking for Linux MT programs, they are probably all in the cross-platform section.