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Natural User Interface or ~ NUI Group is an interactive media group researching and creating open source machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic and educational applications. We offer a collaborative environment for developers that are interested in learning and sharing new HCI (Human Computer Interaction) methods and concepts. This may include topics such as: augmented reality, voice/handwriting/gesture recognition, touch computing, computer vision, and information visualization.

Our current focus is "Open Source Interface", which is solely for accelerating development of existing hardware and sensing solutions, Thus allowing us to find the cheapest and most effective ways to construct our input devices. This project is truly amazing, which attracts a variety of people from around the globe.

One very important aspect of this project is to create and utilize open standards that allows software development to flourish. For example, we use the TUIO protocol, which is the standard for tabletop communication. Another crucial standard that must be created in an open environment is "Gesture Standards", which allows for fluid interaction across input devices.

Getting started is easy, simply register as a member, and start collaborating with us. You can get in touch via email at mail@nuigroup.com or on IRC in #nuigroup on (irc.freenode.net). Our doors are always open and looking for new people with similar interests and dreams.

After all... Community is more powerful than money or technology.


  • Christian Moore (Founder)
  • Alex Popovich
  • Seth Sandler
  • Laurence Muller
  • Görkem Çetin
  • Pawel Solyga
  • Thomas Hansen

Also check Who's who in NUI Group page.


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