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Touchlib is comprehensive library and software solution for doing multitouch applications using FTIR or the Diffused Illumination technique. It does also offer some limited support for Fiducial identification and tracking.

Touchlib handles acquiring images from your webcam or other video capture hardware using several well known libraries (which library you want to use is up to you). Touchlib also handles processing these images, performs Blob Detection and Blob Tracking. Touchlib also sends touch events to your C++ programs, via a very simple interface. To see how simple it is to write a C++ application using touchlib, here is a Basic Touchlib Application.

In addition touchlib provides the OSC.exe app which sends events in the OSC TUIO format used by the Reactivision library. Some example apps written in Flash are available which use this protocol.

Touchlib also uses OpenCV for many things.


Installing Touchlib on Windows

Installing Touchlib on Ubuntu


Installing OpenCV on Mac OS X Installing Touchlib on Mac OS X



  • Original Author - David Wallin.
  • Johannes Hirche
  • Laurence Muller
  • Christian Moore
  • Sebastian Hartman
  • Seth Sandler