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Upcoming Milestones:

   * ROI Selection- Optimizing processing by using only the Region of Interest.
   * Optical Flow - Gives you momentum varialbes out of the video stream.
   * Object/Pattern Tracking - Tracks fidicuals and objects places on surface.
   * Multiple Camera Support - Camera stiching and calibration for larger environments.
   * Image masking - to forcefully block unwanted input.

Wishlist Milestones:

  • Working on 64 bit architecture.
  • Definition of Minimum and Maximum distance in Pixel for blobs to be considered as moving (eliminates blob "shaking")...
  • Finger/Blob/Fidicual/Hand (by threshold size/shape) recognition and tracking...
  • Finger angle variable (orientation)
  • Binary communications over TCP or a Bus
  • Open flash application and flash classes for developing interface prototypes of MT concepts (how to handle the blobs)
  • Different other software tutorials for interface developers e.g. tbeta & processing, tbeta & vvvv, tbeta & Flash, tbeta & Java, tbeta & Director...
  • Blob size - See if user is pressing harder at a moment / enable clicking
  • Wiimote support
  • SVN access to the source code
  • Hover recognition
  • Gesture description language and recognition protocol/notifications
  • Support for multiple (configurable) types of Fidicuals. Provide a way to train/teach the system and to describe Fidicuals patterns.