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The Beta, tbeta for short, is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and multi-touch sensing. It takes an video input stream and outputs tracking data (e.g. coordinates and blob size) and touch events (e.g. finger down, moved and released) that are used in building multi-touch applications. tbeta can interface with various web cameras and video devices as well as connect to various TUIO/OSC enabled applications and supports many multi-touch lighting techniques including: FTIR, DI, DSI, and LLP with expansion planned for the future (custom modules/filters).

This project is developed and maintained by the NUI Group Community, We encourage you to get involved.

So, here’s the summary. The new tracker has the following features:

  • Filters (dynamic background subtraction, highpass, amplify/scaler, threshold) - This means it’ll work with all optical setups (FTIR, DI, LLP, DSI). More filters can be added later (for optimization), but the current filters work for all setups. Also, you no longer need an ‘invert filter.’ Whether you’re working with dark blobs or light blobs, the tracker will work the same!
  • Camera switcher - Have more than one camera on your computer? Now you can press a button and switch to the next camera on your computer without having to exit the application.
  • Input switcher - Want to use test videos instead of a live camera? Go ahead, press a button and it’ll switch to video input.
  • Input flipper - Now you can flip the camera vertical or horizontal if it’s the wrong way.
  • Dynamic mesh calibration - For people with small or large tables, now you can add calibration points (for large displays) or create less points (smaller displays).
  • Warping - Used for getting a rough calibration. By moving 4 points on the source image, you can warp the image to the projection area which will quickly calibrate your setup. This is pretty CPU heavy though, but may work well for people without projection (MTmini) and need to calibrate some.
  • TUIO Broadcasting - Although their will be a non GUI mode/version of the application which will have greater speed, you can send OSC TUIO messages directly from the configapp for quick testing (no need to exit and load a seperate file).
  • Camera and application FPS viewer - Now you can see the framerate of both the tracker and camera that you’re getting.
  • Demo view - Why should you have to exit the config tracker to try a quick demo? Now you can test a simple demo and make sure calibration is how you want it.
  • New GUI - The new interface is more intuitive and easier to understand/use than in the past.
  • Cross-platform - This will work on windows, mac, and linux! Whoo!