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Hi.....i have tried to run tbeta...but to no avail.....i keep getting a windows runtime error thanks........... Martin........

Failed attempt on Ubuntu Linux 8.10

I attempted to run tbeta using Ubuntu after installing libpoco from launchpad, however after running the "Launch" I am presented with the following error: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I am looking to see if I can figure out what I did wrong, but shouldn't installing libpoco solve this issue?

Hello, It's because on ubuntu 8.10 you have only libPoco 5... So you've got to create a link from tbeta/libs to /usr/lib/libPoco and then rename the link '.so.2' instead of '.so.5' ...

for example: ln -s  /usr/lib/ /home/user/Desktop/tbeta-1.1-lin-bin/tbeta/libs/
      and then rename it: mv /home/user/Desktop/tbeta-1.1-lin-bin/tbeta/libs/ /home/user/Desktop/tbeta-1.1-lin-bin/tbeta/libs/ 
      You'll have to do that for two different links (foundation and utils) and then normally everything works...

I think it's the easiest way to repair that problem

Hope It's the solution

Target Version

This guide needs a line saying what version of CCV/tBeta it was writen for. It also needs to be updated for the latest version of CCV (No longer need to use FLOSC Gateway for Flash projects).

--TandemAdam 02:11, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

Apparently it was writen for tbeta 1.1. Anyone know if all the information is still relevant.