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SVN is short form for Subversion. SVN version of touchlib is needed to write software to work with it. To get the files via SVN, you need to "check out" these files with methods mentioned below:

Windows install / checkout

To set up the file structure for the SVN:

  1. Download then run an SVN client, such as the free TortoiseSVN
  2. Right click in the folder (or on your desktop) where you want to store the files from the SVN
  3. Go to SVN Checkout
  4. For touchlib, in the URL repository type
  5. In the checkout directory, name the folder you want to store the SVN, like ...\Multitouch
  6. Hit ok if it asks you if you want to create the folder
  7. Let it download the files, and you are good to go. (may take a while)

OS X checkout

Nothing is needed to be installed on mac to use SVN.

  1. Open the terminal app in your utilities folder
  2. Paste svn checkout touchlib into the terminal window and hit return
  3. That is all, it will be saved in your user directory in a folder called touchlib