Polishing Acrylic Edges

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So you want to polish the edges of your acrylic?

Here's a quick tutorial (Please excuse the shoddy formatting ... the wiki software wasn't accepting the normal wiki Image formatting tags).

  1. Get some acrylic. I'm using 3/8" thickness. Don't remove the protective paper until the last possible moment before you use it. Raw.
  2. Get some tools. You'll need the following:
  3. A scraper. You can use a real scraper: Scraper or a combination of a hacksaw blade and a file: Alternatives
  4. Sandpaper: 150 grit dry, 220 grit dry, 400 grit wet: Sandpaper
  5. A power drill for buffing: drill
  6. Buffing wheel and buffing compound (Ryobi White Rouge Buffing Compound is designed for plastics and metals): buffing tools
  7. Begin by scraping the rough edges using a scraper: 400px Or you can use the hacksaw/file combination: 400px400px.
  8. Next, progressively sand the edge with the 150 grit: 400px Then use the 200 grit: 220 grit Then end with the wet 400 grit: 400px It should be pretty smooth at that point.
  9. Next, follow the instructions on the buffing wheel buff the edges to a mirror polish: buff.
  10. Enjoy the nice mirror polish Finished. Christopher Baker