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Project Overview - Open Kinect Fund

This page is dedicated to the Open Kinect Project the goal of this project is to get an open source driver and SDK available for Microsoft's Kinect device.

After a great response from the community we have started a fund to open source our research related to the Microsoft’s new Xbox Kinect device. You can learn more on the project overview page or join the discussion. We started a $10,000 fund to complete driver specifications and software for the Xbox Kinect Audio, Color/Depth Cameras and Motor/Accelerometer.

We want to help the community and accelerate Kinect support on Linux/Mac/Windows as well as provide clear documentation. We see huge potential of the Kinect’s influence on robotics and computer vision and upon completion we will release our code with an open source license (Considering BSD/LGPL/MIT). We hope the fund completes quickly and if not we still have plans on releasing a Free Windows Driver and SDK just like we have done in the past with the PS3 Eye devices.

According to this Adafruit blog article there is already $3000 available and we will work with them and see if we can make something happen. We are not looking to make money but believe a properly funded project will bring us great results and help us all faster access the full capabilities of the sensors as well as foster future developments such as 3D mapping/tracking.

Help fund this project by donating here… View the latest progress… Join the Discussion…

You can learn more from


Nov 4th - Kinect Released
Nov 6h - Got Xbox and Kinect
Nov 7th - First communication with device
- Accelerometer and Motor Video Posted

Nov 8th - Full Color and Depth sensor access
- First Camera Tests Video Posted

Nov 9th - Open Kinect Fund Started
- Color & Depth Video Posted
- First Docs Added
- $227 raised as of 7am 11/09/2010


Community Wiki Article
Google Group (Mailing List)
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