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OSC or OpenSound Control is a protocol for the communication between controllers and sound synthesizers, but has been also adopted for other applications or multimedia devices. OSC was primarily designed as a replacement for MIDI in order to overcome the bandwidh and speed limitations of this standard protocol for digital musical instruments.

Although OSC is not directly bound to any particular transport method, most implementations are based on the UDP network protocol, using standard internet/network ethernet connections. Therefore it can be run it on a single machine (using the localhost), between two networked machines, or over the internet in general. TUIO for example is using the UDP port 3333 for delivery.

The TUIO protocol, which was specially designed for transmitting the state of tangible objects and multi-touch control on a table surface is based on OpenSound Control, and is used by Touchlib, CCV and Reactivision amongst others for the communication with the actual applications.

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