Laser Light Plane Illumination (LLP)

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Infrared light from a laser(s) is shined just above the surface. The laser plane of light is about 1mm thick and is positioned right above the surface, when the finger just touches it, it will hit the tip of the finger which will register as a IR blob.


LLP Parts List

  • Clear, flat surface (Glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, etc.)
  • Infrared Laser(s)
  • Safety Goggles
  • Line Generating Lens
  • Projection Surface
  • Infrared Camera/Modified Webcam

Laser Safety

According to information obtained from Aixiz (laser supplier) through Sniperchang, their 780 5mw lasers would be class IIIR (used to be known as IIIA)and their 780 10mw lasers are class IIIB . When the line generator is applied, the light is somewhat diffused, and would then be classified as class II or class IIIR.

Class 3B lasers safety information from Wikipedia is the following:

A Class 3B laser is hazardous if the eye is exposed directly, but diffuse reflections such as from paper or other matte surfaces are not harmful. Continuous lasers in the wavelength range from 315 nm to far infrared are limited to 0.5 W. For pulsed lasers between 400 and 700 nm, the limit is 30 mJ. Other limits apply to other wavelengths and to ultrashort pulsed lasers. Protective eyewear is typically required where direct viewing of a class 3B laser beam may occur. Class-3B lasers must be equipped with a key switch and a safety interlock.

The light from the IR laser modules is invisible and because it does not cause any blink response, it will damage your eyes if looked directly into it. Always use laser IR blocking protection glasses when working with lasers!!!

No one on the NUI Group will be responsible for any injury or damage to anybody caused by a misuse of these IR laser modules. Please use these IR laser modules in a safe and responsible manner! (-AlexP)