Installing Touchlib on Ubuntu

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To install Touchlib on Ubuntu

This involves compiling the source code. Later a linux package will be available.

First, check out the source code:

cd /usr/src/
svn co multitouch

Now navigate to the source code folder and compile:

cd multitouch
cmake .

... And that should be it!

You may need to also install some of these packages, plus development headers for OpenGL and your XServer if they aren't already installed (this is not a complete list ... I already had OpenCV working with Video4Linux before creating this list from my Synaptic history):

  • libxmu-dev (2:1.0.2-1ubuntu2)
  • libxmu-headers (2:1.0.2-1ubuntu2)
  • libxmuu-dev (2:1.0.2-1ubuntu2)
  • libxpm-dev (1:3.5.6-1)
  • libxtrap-dev (2:1.0.0-3build1)
  • libxtst-dev (2:1.0.1-3build1)
  • libxv-dev (2:1.0.1-3ubuntu2)
  • xlibs-dev (1:7.2-0ubuntu11)
  • fftw-dev (2.1.3-20)
  • fftw2 (2.1.3-20)
  • glutg3 (3.7-25)
  • libalut-dev (1.0.1-1)
  • libalut0 (1.0.1-1)
  • libg2c0 (1:3.4.6-5ubuntu1)
  • libglui-dev (2.2-2.2)
  • libglui2c2 (2.2-2.2)
  • freeglut3-dev (2.4.0-5)
  • glutg3-dev (3.7-25)
  • libgle3 (3.1.0-5.3ubuntu2)
  • libgle3-dev (3.1.0-5.3ubuntu2)
  • libglew-dev (1.3.4-5ubuntu2)
  • libglew1 (1.3.4-5ubuntu2)
  • libglitz-glx1 (0.5.6-1)
  • libglitz-glx1-dev (0.5.6-1)
  • libglitz1 (0.5.6-1)
  • libglitz1-dev (0.5.6-1)
  • libglut3-dev (3.7-25)
  • libsage-dev (0.1.2-1ubuntu1)
  • libsage0 (0.1.2-1ubuntu1)
  • libxt-dev (1:1.0.5-1)
  • libcv-dev (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)
  • libcv1 (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)
  • libcvaux-dev (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)
  • libcvaux1 (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)
  • libhighgui-dev (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)
  • libhighgui1 (1.0.0-1ubuntu1)

See also this thread on the forum:

Some other notes:

1. Other, older articles on the web allude to compiling FFMPEG and OpenCV from source, which is fine to do, but with Hardy, using the above packages, and their included OpenCV libraries, seem to handle most video and devices just fine.

2. On some hardware, advanced effects (Compiz, etc) can cause flickering of the overlay display. Turning off these effects work, but you can also try unchecking the option to redirect fullscreen windows in the advanced display preferences (the Compiz general preferences).

3. One could use VLC and its Open Capture Device feature to troubleshoot camera / video capture issues by opening the /dev/video or /dev/video0 device. There are myriad other programs that can do this, too.

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