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Formally known as "TouchEvent"

eyePoke is a project to support multitouch applications in Flash, Flex, and Apollo via ActionScript 3. It provides a single API for developers to add rich functionality for multitouch clients without leaving out other input devices.

eyePoke is made up of a few classes:

  • EyePoke provides access to the display list and calls up the callibrator when touched.
  • TouchEvent extends MouseEvent and is designed to simultaneously support mice, pens, and multitouch displays.
  • TouchListener attaches to the camera and is added to the display list. When it detects user input, it dispatches a TouchEvent.
  • TouchFunctions contains static functions to implement things like startDrag in a multitouch-aware environment.

eyePoke is designed to degrade gracefully for people with tablets or mice. Any movie written for the eyePoke API will be able to react to either with the same Event Listener. This demo supports MOUSE_DOWN, MOUSE_MOVE, and MOUSE_UP as both MouseEvents and TouchEvents.

NOTE: This package has been on hiatus since late July 2007. It should be considered a beta - the basic functionality is there but largely untested. This page will probably not be updated until 2008.

Last Known Good: File:2007-8-8-eyePoke1.zip

Current Homepage: http://touchevent.riaforge.org